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Scrunnel: The easy pour, no mess screw on funnel

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Scrunnel is a solid plastic mould that will screw into most fuel attachments that have screw-on fuel caps

Suitable for Petrol and diesel, this funnel will revolutionise your working environment or home garage, outdoor activities and many more.



The scrunnel is a hands-free funnel that screws into your cars fuel filler and holds in place using a locking nut.

Without the need to hold a generic funnel in place, the Scrunnel allows you to keep a free hand or use both hands on the jerrycan, ensuring fuel is not spilt

The design of the Scrunnel allows the thread to attach to most screw-in fuel caps. (Please check before buying as we do not offer a bayonet fitting).

The Scrunnel has been designed to last and has no flex like other funnels. The thread thick and durable so you can rest assured the scrunnel will last a long time.

The unique design and solid mounting make refuelling a lot easier and better for the environment.

The throat and mouth of the scrunnel is designed to point diagonally up allowing an easy pour with no mess.

Scrunnel is an Accredited Australian Made product and is manufactured in Brisbane, Australia.

Make your refuelling easier, buy a Scrunnel today.

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ACK Power Steering & Hydraulic Convertible Hoses

By ACK Blog

Aussie Custom Kits offers great DIY service for the Handyman at home and Workshop Australia Wide for Power Steering Hoses and Hydraulic Hoses for Convertible roofs.

Simply remove Power Steering Hose or Hydraulic Convertible Hose and clean then express post to us at ACK.

We offer a fast turnaround and can save you hundreds of dollars.

Most genuine Power Steering Hoses can cost anywhere from $400 to $800.  We guarantee a $80 – $150 turnaround plus freight for power Steering Hoses and Convertible Hoses from $120 – $160, depending on length, per hose, plus freight.

If unsure of how to remove a power steering hose watch our video on line .  We recommend all Convertible Hoses to be removed by a Mechanical Workshop and clearly marked for easy refitting e.g. coloured cable ties.

So jump on your bike or borrow a car and we can get you up and running in no time!

Stainless Steel Hose Clamp Kits now Available

By ACK Blog

Aussie Custom Kits are proud to now offer both Stainless Steel Perforated and Non Perforated Hose Clamp Kits.  All Clamps in our Perforated and Non perforated Kits are made by Tridon, who are 100% Australian owned.  Tridon also manufacture all clamps in Australia.

All products are manufactured to either SAE, BS or AS standard depending on the product and are accepted by all motor vehicle OEM’s and industrial OEM’s.  As with all of our custom made kits, each item can be easily restocked quickly and easily.

Our hose clamp kit is ideal for use in many environments including Automotive Workshops, Heavy Industries, Mobile Mechanics, and is even an ideal addition for the home handyman or DIYer.

  • Perforated Stainless Steel Hose Clamp Kit

    $230.00 inc GST

Universal O-Ring Kit with over 200 O Rings now in stock

By ACK Blog

Aussie Custom Kits have produced a Hydraulic Oring Kit which consists of over 200 O-Rings which is specifically designed for hydraulic hoses and adaptors.  All O’Rings are made of quality Duro 90 compound and made to last.

This O’Ring Kit covers UNO fittings, ORFF Fittings and Code 61/Code 62 Flange Fittings.  Ideal for field service technicians and industrial/workshop uses – check it out today!

DIY Save hundreds of dollars when replacing your Power Steering Hose

By ACK Blog

Did you know if you need to replace your power steering hose in your vehicle, you can save hundreds of dollars by getting Aussie Custom Kits to supply your new power steering hose?

Don’t buy a OEM power steering hose from your local car dealership as they are overpriced…  Follow our instructions and save yourself hundreds of dollar$$$

Here is how it works:

1.  Follow our instructions (Youtube Video Here) for removing your current Power Steering Hose from your vehicle
2.  Send your Power Steering Hose to ACK (click here for Address)
3.  We analyse and supply a hose to suit
4.  We send you your new hose by Express Post and you save hundreds of dollars using DIY instead of using Factory Supplied Power Steering Hose.
5.  Happy Days!