DIY Save hundreds of dollars when replacing your Power Steering Hose

By February 20, 2014February 21st, 2014ACK Blog

Did you know if you need to replace your power steering hose in your vehicle, you can save hundreds of dollars by getting Aussie Custom Kits to supply your new power steering hose?

Don’t buy a OEM power steering hose from your local car dealership as they are overpriced…  Follow our instructions and save yourself hundreds of dollar$$$

Here is how it works:

1.  Follow our instructions (Youtube Video Here) for removing your current Power Steering Hose from your vehicle
2.  Send your Power Steering Hose to ACK (click here for Address)
3.  We analyse and supply a hose to suit
4.  We send you your new hose by Express Post and you save hundreds of dollars using DIY instead of using Factory Supplied Power Steering Hose.
5.  Happy Days!