Off Road Multi Purpose Kit

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This kit is great for the Travelling Nomad.
It contains full stainless hose clamps in a variety of sizes, water connection taps, spare tap for caravan, thread tape, anti seize, ezi twist tap handles (specifically for people with arthritic hands), nylon tube joiners, 4 x belt straps, also comes with a separate pack which includes cable ties, and spare pieces of nylon tube. All of this comes in its very own storage container. Remember any component of this kit can be individually restocked at anytime through our website.

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This kit is a must for all those keen travellers and 4WD enthusiasts.

It contains a bit of everything that will get you out of trouble when needed most.

Kit contains, tide down straps, multi wrap tape, anti-seize, hose fitting connections, thread tape, 316ss Hose clamps, automotive fuses, electrical joiners and connections, nuts and bolts, self-drilling screws, shackles, cable ties.

All quality items, designed for the outback.


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Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 34 × 22 × 6 cm


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